Breakin Mortar

For Vibration-free and Soundless breaking of Concrete and stone.

This product works completely free of vibrations and without any kind of noise in the demolition of reinforced or unarmed concrete.

Application examples;

Pre-weakening of armed structures.

Breaking of concrete in places that are hard to reads.

This is the solution under strict standards of noise pollution.

Product works completely without vibration.

Simplifies and reduces the work of machine or manual work.

The Application does not require additional certifications, permits or other specific measures and is very easy to use.

How to use the product;

Drill a pattern of holes in the concrete or rock to be broken according to the instructions given.

Mix the expansion mortar with water until an even and liquid mixture is formed.

Fill the holes using a funnel.

Give the mixture (depending on the amount of water used and the weather) 6 to 10 hours the time to break the material.

After the elapsed operating time, the concrete is torn and weakened, ready to be further processed.

The principle is quite simple and the operation is based on volume increase. The expanding mixture expands during the curing process and the surrounding concrete will literally diverge from itself. This causes cracking the concrete. Unarmed concrete breaks apart, reinforced concrete loses its tension and tears!


  • Soundless breaking of Concrete and stone.
  • no certifications

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