Solid Breaking Solutions is constantly searching for innovative products to break rock and concrete on the most sensitive and (cost) effective way.

Our main activities are focused on the Import, Distribution and Service of the most innovative non- detonating cartridge named AutoStem. Not one cartridge on the world has achieved what AutoStem did. This cartridge can be used without stemming or expensive permits... imagine the time and costs that you could save on your rock or concrete breaking projects!

We are experts and pioneers in the world of non-detonating products. Feel free to contact us in any language, we are more than happy to share our experience with you. Besides the AutoStem cartridges we have products like expansive mortars and hydraulic breakers to break your rock or concrete.

The AutoStem cartridges are designed to be used without stemming. This is a whole new revolution in the world of pyrotechnical cartridges that are used for rock and concrete breaking applications. Besides all of the benefits that these pyrotechnical products have such as less noise pollution, less vibrations and less permits needed we have some really big advantages to our competitors;

  • No stemming required, this really saves time and money.
  • First fully certified cartridges for the European Union.
  • Our cartridges are produced with first class propellant only, there where others are using old propellant from destroyed ammunition. Your benefit; more power and gas production per cartridge.
  • Machine produced in a modern factory. No chance for human product failures, always a big stock and short delivery times!


  • Fully certified
  • Non Detonating
  • Local clearance only, 30 meters suffices
  • Less fly rock
  • Less Vibrations
  • No noise pollution
  • Breaks concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Breaks rock and bed rock
  • Can be used under water
  • Useable in sensitive areas
  • Useable in underground mining and tunneling
  • Ideal for trenching

AutoStem profiled on infomine

AutoStem profiled on infomine, the global resource for mining technologies and services…

The AutoStem receives CE approval

The AutoStem was granted the CE approval by BAM after extensive testing and product review. The CE mark is the European stamp of approval approving the use of the AutoStem within the European Union.